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Found 7 results

  1. So I have been making some bone pendants, as my start into carving. And looking at all the images around there are quite a few where patterns have been carved into bone. These patterns are mainly just straight lines and curved lines to add decoration to the piece. Now I started carving as I had a dremel for DIY around the house and wanted to use it more. So it might not be the right tool, or I simple might not have the right bits or that I am simply not good enough. I have practiced on bone with no results or technique that I would use on an actual piece. I have also found a guy in NZ who makes gravers for bone carving ($100) but I am not sure if they are the right tool for what I want. Although I think if I did get them I would use them so they wouldn`t be wasted. So If anyone can give me any hints on what bits to use, or the how or if gravers would do it I would be grateful. cheers, Marcus.
  2. Hi all. My brother saw the pendants I made for my mum and sister and he asked me for a dragon. They are not my designs, but just part of my trail and error to learn. My brother is quite good with a pencil and is drawing up some things for me to try. That why I don't need to copy images from the net. Anyway massive novice error. The dragon with the wings, I was happy with where I`d gotten and was sanding `n` singing `n` sanding very happily. It still has a bit of a curve in the bone and moving it around in my vice to get at different angles. Slightly over tightened and crack, crack. I`d put the whole piece in the vice instead of just the edge and with the curve in the bone, something had to give. All the time that went into it I didn`t fell like remaking it, I made something a little simpler. Now grey grit from the sand paper is in the crack on the front of the piece, Anything I can do? I guess everyone has had their novice error, or brain fade. If anyone has any mistakes or simple errors that could be avoided I`d like to hear them.
  3. Hey friends! I have just recently sat out into carving a cow skull. I have engraved a skull before and have tried to dabble with full blown carving but I am having trouble with the thickness of cow bone. Does anyone have any advice on how to make short work of the thick bone? How do I go about making fine lines? It seems like only my larger bits are able to cut all the way through the bone and they are not suitable for the intricate designs that I have planned out. I am using a dremel multipro 2 - speed with engraving bits (not sure what kind they are :/ ). Is my Dremel not powerful enough for the task at hand? Are there better bits to be using? A method to soften the bone? HELP PLEASSSSE!
  4. Alex R.

    Hello, Carvers

    Wow what a beautiful part of the web. I'm Alex, a pre-dental student, a rock climber, and explorer of bone carving. Well, actually more of an experimenter at the moment, growing in my abilities. I've seen some amazing carvings on this forum and hope to lap up some creative energy. Attached is some of my work if your keen? and I might be posting later about some gravers I've made, (made them improperly and maybe ya'll know how to fix them?). Cheers, Alex R.
  5. Well, with Stephen Myers Book, I tried to make some gravers for bone carving [definitely should have come here first, this tutorial is much better ---> ."]http://www.thecarvin..._dowel+graver]. Anyways, I don't think my gravers came out to well (see pics) and now I'm wondering if I should just scrap these and start over? Or, if someone more skilled in tool making could clue me in on how I can make these better? Also, I've read on around the forum about different tool making techniques, but I haven't come across any discussion on something along the lines of the "do's and dont's of tool making" (maybe there isn't any? or maybe depends on what your carving/ how you are carving?) Well, I hope to suck up some knowledge here. Cheers, Alex R.
  6. Here are a couple of carvings i have done for friends.
  7. Here is a piece i have done , the horse is bone and the rim is horn with a leather polish finish.
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