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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, I am Sean, I am a carver from Hawaii. I have officially been carving for 3 years, not counting whittling as a youngin'. I am a sculpture major an the University of Manoa, I learned more of my carving skills at a Kalai Laau class which focuses on Hawaii based carvings. I am not much of an online person, but I see on this forum a lot of peoples work that I respect and admire and hope to exchange techniques, philosophies and passion with. . I draw most of my inspiration from textile forms. Typically I like to look in to material cultures of different sorts. Or I'll see some braid, weave, knot, netting, etc. and draw from that. Then I carve them out of antler or wood. Check out the pictures! I believe there even in the right format!
  2. This took a while, maybe 3 weeks on and off (guessing at 12 hours) working rough cut with a new handtool I got gifted (Foredom) and finishing with my new hand made micro scrapers. This is Giraffe bone and I'm thinking the relatively course grain lends itself better to less detailed work. But it's come up ok. The work is 75mm (3in) high and has a brooch pin mount on the back. I've moved to Austin Texas and it looks like we might finally have found some good local craft markets to sell some work, so hoping that comes through over the next month or 2. This was really more of a practice work to see how much detail I could get into the bone and the limit for me and my hand made tools appears to be the nouveau vines in the middle. But interested to hear what people think of the design as it's straight out of my head. While moving I found my carving book (I haven't seen it in around 7 or 8 years (about 3 house moves and 1 country ago) so glad to see it back. It's inspired me to go back and do some more Maori based works with the celtic overlay, it's a little bit of what I am being a 5thflower generation Kiwi from the Waikato
  3. ben h


    Hi guys. My name is Ben. I've been carving bone for a few months. Mainly necklaces. Would love any feedback and suggestions you guys can offer. Thanks
  4. Hi all I’m Darryn and I’m living in Central Otago New Zealand. I mostly carve in beef bone but I’ve done a bit of work in wood and antler as well as hard ( Pounamu ) and soft (Oamaru) stone. I pretty much like to try and carve anything - I even carved a cat skull a while ago. I’ve also made a few knives and a couple of gravers and am interested in learning about smelting and casting metal as well as just improving my carving and design skills as I’m self taught and I’ve found trial and error often provides costly and painful lessons - this site has already provided a wealth of information and ideas to try and its great to be able to see what other people are doing and have a forum to ask questions. Thanks to everyone for sharing so much amazing work and so many great ideas. Cheers Darryn
  5. Does anyone know of a supplier who can supply regular blocks of cut down cow bone? Either square or rectangular (as large as possible) have tried ebay... etsy, im UK based and pet stores over here don't even supply cleaned white bones. Boiling it all down myself and cutting is not commercially viable more me and must be uniform shape for me to start from.... thanks! jo
  6. I finally completed this piece after working at it on and off for over a year. The fish, approx 2 inches long, is carved from cow bone, stained with tea. The eye is inlayed wood. The driftwood and rocks were found on the beach. The fish is curved around the driftwood so I have shown two slightly different angles in the image.
  7. Hello, An aunt gave me these miniature bone. I try to make jewelry. I have to make a hole about 4-6 mm deep at the end of the figurine for my project. I tried it with a dremel. I used carbide bits without much success. Then diamond bits without much success ... I finally read that acid softened bone. So I put vinegar on the tip of my figure, and after 24 hours, I could drill a little but not enough (only about 2 mm). So I put sulfuric acid because it is more acidic than vinegar. After a few hours, I could drill more easily. However, I would like to know if there is a less dangerous method for what I need to do. I put a mask, gloves and goggles, but I do not like so much dust that occurs when I drill. I'm a little scared to breathe acid despite all my precautions ... Sorry if there are mistakes in my message. Is that I am French and I use google translation to help me. Thank you very much for your help Lyne
  8. Alexa D.

    Hello, World!

    I'm a botanical technician living in Idaho. A few years back, while studying abroad in New Zealand, I took a course on Maori bonecarving; the process and results were both incredibly satisfying. Back in the US, I gathered the tools and started carving on my own. I've been working off and on (mostly off, to be honest) since 2010. I mostly work in tagua nut these days -- bone dust is harder to deal with in my three-room flat, and I can't buy the cat a dust mask, so I can only use bone or antler when it's warm enough to carve outside. Lately I've begun developing my own style and moving away from the Maori symbols that shaped my early work. (The tree silhouettes carved out of tagua slices are beautiful, fun to carve, and popular at the occasional craft sale, and they don't risk cultural appropriation.) Here are a few photos of recent pieces (they're thumbnails -- click to enlarge). All are tagua; the dimes are for scale. I'm looking forward to meeting the people of The Carving Path, learning from your experience, and maybe helping someone in turn. Can't wait to get started!
  9. Hello all... I wanted to try something more "traditional"... and I just LOVE the fish-hook shape. Got the blanks from eBay... seller declared them to be CAMEL bone... may this be possible? Too bad they were too thin (around 5mm) to have a really three-dimensional finished piece... well, for a pendant they may be fine.. next time I'll try to get a more "shapely" result Made some mistakes here and there, but I was able to correct most of them. Surface decoration is still underdeveloped... hope to improve in the future. Leashing is a pain... more photos here http://cuntraria.wor...tau-birthday-2/ comments are welcome... Marco
  10. Hello everybody ! Some my carving works.
  11. Some of my work. Bull bone carving.
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