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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am exited to be a member of the carving path. I have been cutting coins for the past few years and making coin rings for about two years. Before this, I did some glass blowing making jewelry. Every once in a while I would do a Google search trying to learn tricks of the trade for various disciplines and over and over Google would have a link from a post on the Carving Path. I am still new to forums and need to learn how to ask the right questions, and even better, learn where to post the questions I am seeking answers for. Anyways, I am really exited to meet new people on this sight share my excitement with others. Matt
  2. Hi how's it going? I have really admired several pieces of art I have found all over the internet. I cut coins as a hobby and sell them sometimes from word of mouth, but have given away most of them as gifts. I have a question I was hoping you guys and/or gals might be able to answer for me. I want to get more involved and create my own designs, so I am not doing exactly what the rest of the coin cutters are doing. I want to cut silhouettes in the coins, images I can create on Photoshop or find online. How can I put the silhouette design on the coin so I can cut it out? I have seen symbols, images of athletes or names written in cursive cut into the coins. I would really appreciate it if anyone had a suggestion for me.