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Found 3 results

  1. Alexa D.

    Hello, World!

    I'm a botanical technician living in Idaho. A few years back, while studying abroad in New Zealand, I took a course on Maori bonecarving; the process and results were both incredibly satisfying. Back in the US, I gathered the tools and started carving on my own. I've been working off and on (mostly off, to be honest) since 2010. I mostly work in tagua nut these days -- bone dust is harder to deal with in my three-room flat, and I can't buy the cat a dust mask, so I can only use bone or antler when it's warm enough to carve outside. Lately I've begun developing my own style and moving away from the Maori symbols that shaped my early work. (The tree silhouettes carved out of tagua slices are beautiful, fun to carve, and popular at the occasional craft sale, and they don't risk cultural appropriation.) Here are a few photos of recent pieces (they're thumbnails -- click to enlarge). All are tagua; the dimes are for scale. I'm looking forward to meeting the people of The Carving Path, learning from your experience, and maybe helping someone in turn. Can't wait to get started!
  2. Old. Retired. Live remote on a west coast island with long-suffering wife surely destined for sainthood. Haven't carved in 30 years. But I am getting the 'bug' again. Thinking of sculpting rock. Last time it was soapstone. Maybe they don't make it anymore? Wanted something a smidge harder but not as hard as granite. Alabastar? Marble? Came to forum for general advice on tools and materials. Might even crack a joke.........who knows what is going to come of this?
  3. Alex R.

    Hello, Carvers

    Wow what a beautiful part of the web. I'm Alex, a pre-dental student, a rock climber, and explorer of bone carving. Well, actually more of an experimenter at the moment, growing in my abilities. I've seen some amazing carvings on this forum and hope to lap up some creative energy. Attached is some of my work if your keen? and I might be posting later about some gravers I've made, (made them improperly and maybe ya'll know how to fix them?). Cheers, Alex R.
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