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Found 3 results

  1. I'm a jeweler & have been carving wax for decades. I recently decided to get into carving netsuke & have been using, for the most part, a #11 x-acto blade & the graving tools I use for jewelry. I'd like to have a set of tools the proper size for miniature sculpture & would like some feedback from this forum as to which band to buy & any other suggestions you might have. I am not opposed to modifying commercially available tools.
  2. Hi every one, I've made a few things lately and thought it would be nice to share them with you. First a rococo mirror frame. It's made of pear and measures 84 x 50 x 2,4 mm. Finished it with Danish Oil and a thin coat of shoe polish. Another piece i've made is a so called savonarola chair. The construction and build was a real challenge as i had to figure it all out by myself. But then the fun part was decorating the steamed pear by carving. I'm most proud of the back shield as it's only 21 mm in diameter. And finally a little joke; a miniature love spoon, also carved out of steamed pear. I love this type of wood, because of it's fine grain and the ease with which it is to carve. And as bonus, it's also gentle on the tools ) I hope you like 'm, Debora
  3. Netsuke "Daruma" in 2013. Boxwood. 3,5 x3 cm
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