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Found 1 result

  1. I wanted to let y’all know I’ve committed to presenting at Ashokan Bladesmith Conference 2012. Sept. 14-16 near Kingston ,NY. Since becoming enthralled with Japanese alloys and patina in the ‘80s I have also enjoyed sharing what I’ve discovered in the interest of urging others to try the alloys and patina out. At Ashokan I’ll focus on the alloys and traditional niage patina necessary to develop the colors as seen in traditional Japanese sword fittings and other types of works. The rich palette available using this alloy/patina coalition has much to offer any metalsmith. This will be a somewhat refined version of a talk I gave at the Colorado Metalsmiths convention in 2008. My slide-talk will include outstanding historical examples of Japanese work, showing detailed close-ups with observations of construction. I’ll also have examples of my own work showing adaptation of the tradition to my own personal expression. There will also be a demo of the traditional niage patina process. Registration and more info here: http://www.ashokanknifeseminar.com/ Here’s a link to my patina tutorial: http://www.jimkelso....ml/tutorial.htm Here are three pieces by Shoami Katsuyoshi courtesy of the Kiyomizu-Sannenzaka Museum, Kyoto, Japan:
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