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Found 4 results

  1. Wassail! Thank you for approving my request to join the forum. I am Torc (preferred name but I'll respond to either) and I am a fledgeling stone scratcher. I picked up this hobby out of a necessity for something I could not find anywhere else. I had been searching the internet for someone to make a small custom runestone with no success. I had looked into various mediums but the purpose of the runestone warranted the material be something that will last and be handed down. I have some background in acid etching, my folks having a business in it when I was a youth. I was going to try my hand at etching stone in the same fashion as we did glass and this led me to the local granite countertop company to buy some scrap pieces to work with, this having a mixed result. I found out that the acid etching idea would not work on the black granite as I was intending, but I could have as much of the scrap that I wanted for free. This lead me to purchase a Dremel engraver and back to the net to find others to learn from. I reside in the Cincinnati area.
  2. Here is what I have been working on. Hope pictures come thru ok. Dave
  3. Hi all I’m Darryn and I’m living in Central Otago New Zealand. I mostly carve in beef bone but I’ve done a bit of work in wood and antler as well as hard ( Pounamu ) and soft (Oamaru) stone. I pretty much like to try and carve anything - I even carved a cat skull a while ago. I’ve also made a few knives and a couple of gravers and am interested in learning about smelting and casting metal as well as just improving my carving and design skills as I’m self taught and I’ve found trial and error often provides costly and painful lessons - this site has already provided a wealth of information and ideas to try and its great to be able to see what other people are doing and have a forum to ask questions. Thanks to everyone for sharing so much amazing work and so many great ideas. Cheers Darryn
  4. Hi all, I'm a new member and I have couple questions . Actually I'm gonna go to the US pretty soon and wanted to know exactly what tools to buy since there is so much choice. I'm using a Dremel with handpiece and I've been searching all over the place what tools to use for Stone carving. I find out that the diamond burs is useful for shaping the stone but didn't find the ones to buy for making the stone shape smooth. It seams like the diamond burs leave rough edges. When I work on shells, I usually use sandpaper on mandrel to smooth out the stone shape, but with stone my sandpaper really don't last long and is not effective on it... I tough maybe a "3M® Micro-Finishing Film Sheet" on my mandrel would give best results or maybe "3M® Diamond Micro-Finishing Polishing Bands" ?? I would be so thankful if someone could shed light on this. ;D
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