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Found 4 results

  1. Lets see if this can start some comments. I have been getting deeper into engraving the last year or so, I have a Magnagraver setup on a foredom flexshaft. It works okay, just a little stiff and awkward for tiny detail. And my handpiece was getting long in the tooth and probably due for a rebuild. Buying a GRS system is way out of my budget, a low end Lindsay classic is a stretch (someday....) Looking online there are some good videos by Shaun Hughes on making your own pneumatic hand engravers. Years ago I picked up a dental tool that was used to compress gold foil into cavities for fillings. It was a simple motor and reciprocal piston pump that pushed/pulled air thru a small tube to tap on the rear of a punch tip. Runs off of a sewing machine motor and foot pedal. I took that and made a handpiece from an automatic center punch, an old Dremel spindle and collet nut. I made a couple different handpiece with different weight pistols for heavy or light use. I bought some of Steve Lindsay's sharpening templates ( fantastic tools, highly recommended) started back engraving and forgot all about the Magnagraver. Yeah, they probably aren't up to professional quality, but I spent maybe $30 all told. I have engraved stainless, crs, titanium aluminium etc with better results than the flexshaft. Since then I've made up a couple of other setups using small air compressor pumps modified to push/pull air. I haven't done much wood carving with them, more fun to carve by hand with razor sharp tools. You can see some of my stuff on my intro page, greeting from the Pacific Northwest. I think I posted pics in too large of format, ill try to figure out how to fix it, and throw up some more. Speak up, yell at me, tell me I'm a fool for spending time making tools, whatever, just make some noise to keep this forum alive! I only just now found out about it. Jim
  2. I have a carving lathe for sale. Need to take a photo if it. Offer a fair price as I have no idea of it's value. It works and has most all of the collets. I think one or two may be missing. Audie
  3. Well, with Stephen Myers Book, I tried to make some gravers for bone carving [definitely should have come here first, this tutorial is much better ---> ."]http://www.thecarvin..._dowel+graver]. Anyways, I don't think my gravers came out to well (see pics) and now I'm wondering if I should just scrap these and start over? Or, if someone more skilled in tool making could clue me in on how I can make these better? Also, I've read on around the forum about different tool making techniques, but I haven't come across any discussion on something along the lines of the "do's and dont's of tool making" (maybe there isn't any? or maybe depends on what your carving/ how you are carving?) Well, I hope to suck up some knowledge here. Cheers, Alex R.
  4. Hi all, I'm a new member and I have couple questions . Actually I'm gonna go to the US pretty soon and wanted to know exactly what tools to buy since there is so much choice. I'm using a Dremel with handpiece and I've been searching all over the place what tools to use for Stone carving. I find out that the diamond burs is useful for shaping the stone but didn't find the ones to buy for making the stone shape smooth. It seams like the diamond burs leave rough edges. When I work on shells, I usually use sandpaper on mandrel to smooth out the stone shape, but with stone my sandpaper really don't last long and is not effective on it... I tough maybe a "3M® Micro-Finishing Film Sheet" on my mandrel would give best results or maybe "3M® Diamond Micro-Finishing Polishing Bands" ?? I would be so thankful if someone could shed light on this. ;D
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