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Found 4 results

  1. This was inspired by a photograph on the website of the National Galleries of Scotland - https://www.nationalgalleries.org/art-and-artists/48678/kestrel The artist is Mary Syme Boyd - the carving was done in c.1936. The simplicity of the piece and the sense of menace and power really struck me. My version is about 10 inches high - I used American Walnut. It took me ages. Having gotten the rough shape, I stalled for a few months - anxious about where to start on the detail. I was thrown by the tapering nature - it's like an hour glass. Finally, I decided to start in the middle with the talons. Once these were done, it was relatively plain sailing - the proportions all followed on from the feet! Hope the photos come through ok. David.
  2. Darryn R

    Dragon Prow

    I found an old Totara strainer post and decided to carve a dragon prow which was a fun task. The wood was VERY old and dry and had a tendency to split and splinter so a fair bit of care was needed with this project especially on the neck. Appropriately Danish oil was used to bring out the woods natural colour and the prow now stands guard outside my front door.
  3. Hello everybody ! This pendant I carve out of exotic wood - Red heart It is impregnated with linseed oil American cherry wood: Sucupira:
  4. Hi All from Northern Ontario (canada) http://www.deepwoods....com/index.html On the homepage of the above link is a very "generous" video by Paul Jones (Deep Woods Ventures inc.) . He's a second-generation, one-man, part-time, traditional toolmaker who does things --- well --- argh --- "our way" KISSocrates... I say generous, because as a man selling his business wares, he shows you everything in the backroom, and in only 13 minutes - well done - informative, inspiring... Maybe someone should invite him on board... he "belongs"!!! PS: There is as much learn from purusing the background of his shop as there is from Paul himself... Maybe this only hits home with me because I am exploring the making of traditional carving tools, (gouges, v-tools, etc) This sort of video is rare in my experience (I've been researching intensely for two years). If anyone else out there has seen "anything" approaching this caliber, please share a link... Rob PS: I'm new to the "path" (hmmm? sounds spiritual) and would like to extend my appreciation to all the "generous" others who are passing on the tradition - Thanks, I'm a learner, not a teacher, so this means a lot to the eager-minded...
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