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Greetings from southeast US, Georgia

Christina White

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Guest ford hallam

Hello Christina


I'm glad you found us and cared to join us. I reckon the wood whittling clan here will be pleased to have you on board, we've had a surge of metal worshippers of late :blink:


Please feel at home, jump right in and I'm sure the rest of the gang will make you feel that you belong here.


very warmest regards, Ford :huh:

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Hi there and thank you for the welcome.


I do carve a larger scale than the jewelry and small sculptures I have seen wonderful examples of on this site, and some of my carvings that are not pictured well on my web page are of "tokens" carved with a blessing or theme involved. They are meant to be worn hanging off of clothing or gifted to another for luck and often include a message in the symbolism.


I use pheil swiss made mallet tools for my carvings and occassionally a knife or two. Basswood or white pine are the easiest woods for me to acquire and use. I'm hoping to get a small chainsaw soon for carving, but that is another story.


I do small details on larger carvings too, and don't know if they are considered appropriate to show on this board. I'll learn more about the norm here before I get carried away.


I am in North Georgia, near Amicalola Falls State Park in the mountains. It is a beautiful part of the country with national forrest borders less than 2 miles away that stretch for days.



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Aloha Christina,


Welcome aboard. :D Your work seems influenced by your surroundings.I noticed that you use Pfeil tools, as do I and others here (Ko Baas). Have you checked out their palm sets? A little pricey unless you pick up the sets, but as you know, the steel is excellent. Great for detail work.



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