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Lavulite pendant

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Okay, so this is my first post, other than the intro, so forgive me if things are a little pear shaped. :blink:

I have been working on this pendant for some time. Its 18ct yellow and white gold and Lavulite and Peridot and diamonds. I battled to facet a stone of the right colour that went with the lavulite (also known as sugalite)post-1413-1181692607.jpg

I carved the lavulite using mizzy heatless wheels and diamond with wood and felt buffs. You can find the method under Gem Carving on my website.

I drilled a hole in it using a diamond core drill in a drill press. This ceters the stone in the pendant and the surounding gold is then added by fusing with a oxy/propane flame. The stone is removed, ofcourse!

Tomorrow I will solder the whole contraption together and set the various stones. I will post a picture if all goes well! Or, for that matter if it does not.!! Size is 40mmx 22mm.


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Aloha Hans,


Looking very good. The combination of the purple sugalite and gold invoke a touch of royalty. (We had a royalty here in the islands, hence my interest.) And the peridot is our state stone (where Diamond Head got it's name). A very good color combination.

I am enjoying your website tutorials. Wish I had more time. Good luck tomorrow.



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Guest ford hallam

Hi Hans,


thanks so much for showing us this work in progress. I love the way you're shaping gemstones so organically. :blink:


I've just had a peek at your tutorial on gem carving, That is fantastic info. It's exactly what I've wanted to get to grips with for some time now. Your approach fits perfectly with my set up and needs. Cheers.


very best regards, Ford

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Hello Hans,


Very nice work - nice piece of sugalite and beautiful carving. I assume the white metal is also gold? (Platinum would work very nicely in this piece and might be easier on the peridot to set) - will you be flanging the center bezel to hold the sugalite in place as well as the peridot? I like the wire tendril sweeping over the stone as well. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to checking out your tutorials.

Best wishes,


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