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Bamboo lapel pin

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This is something I created for the Southern Jewelry Trade Association student competition (I graduated in 2005 from the Savannah College of Art and Design).


Title: Samurai. Bamboo carved from 18k gold wire, the rest is pierced from .925 silver sheet. Overall height is around 2 inches.





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Aloha Ryan,


Welcome and thanks for showing us your work. Bamboo is one of my favorite themes. I get much inspiration going through a quiet grove. Wait till we get you into mokume; you will be hooked.

btw - What is the kanji?




Thank you two for your kind comments.


Karl, the kanji is "Samurai" or "Lord" depending on context. At least that's what the internet told me. :D

I have read a mokume book, and it looks like a lot of fun. I will get around to it eventually. :lol:

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Guest ford hallam

Hello Ryan,


Sorry for not having noticed you earlier :lol: , I'll add my welcome to those of Karl and Mark. I'm certain you'll find the gang here a great source of support and the material contained here a valuable resource.


That's an elegant piece of jewellery too. I like the way the pins act as a stand for displaying the brooch. The wire brushed effect on the silver is a nice touch too. I hope we'll see much more of what do do.


Namaste, Ford :D

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