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Saul Bell Awards

Karl Carvalho

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The Saul Bell Design Awards were recently announced. Sponsored by Rio Grande to honor their founder, winners enjoy exposure in the trades, to the public and an international audience.

I did not recognize any members' names, which is a shame. There is one entrant in the Silver category who may have used carving techniques to do an egret. Oh well, there is always next year. (The PMC people, of which my wife is one, are kicking butt.) :D



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The Saul Bell awars are very prestigious, geard mostly towards the jewelry fabricating crowd but is open to any type of metalwork as long as it fits their catagories.


Since Rio is close to me, the past year ive been enquiring about adding an *other metals* catagory to include artisans that work in non-precious metals. For us artisans that work in steel and its variants.


The egret piece looks to be cast and soldered with overlay techniques. You find very few jewelrs who carve metal when wax is so much easier :D

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