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Karl Carvalho

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I recently visited a koi pool nearby. I am fortunate to have several to choose from. These images are from the noon feeding. It is a constant source of inspiration for me.

It was a struggle to control file size as they were huge (800k+). In the end, I compromised by a combination of reducing image size and/or image quality. The last two are me trying out Photoshop Filters. Hope you enjoy it. :)


post-1054-1182881962.jpg post-1054-1182881740.jpg


post-1054-1182881772.jpg post-1054-1182881821.jpg


post-1054-1182881846.jpg post-1054-1182881917.jpg


post-1054-1182882008.jpg post-1054-1182882067.jpg










and this one is for Ford.






p.s. - Janel, apologies if I exceeded any limits.

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File size limits were perfect, I can see why there may have been high file sizes to moderate with the amount of different colors challenging the file resize process! What a beautiful, glistening, mass of color in the roiling feeding frenzy! I can see why you find inspiration there.

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