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My latest (incomplete) piece

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I'm making this little skull out of Tagua(?) Nut. It's like ivory. I've only got about a day invested into it, but I thought I'd post a pic. The plan is for the handle of a sword cane, that I'd like to attempt.




While I'm posting....I thought I'd add a knife that I made called "King Tut". It has a hand carved osage handle. Hope you enjoy...



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Guest ford hallam

Hi there Mike,


welcome to the madness ;) . I hope you'll soon feel completely at home here with so many like-minded people.


Thanks for sharing your work with us too, it's almost as good as seeing you :P ( hinting smiley)

I look forward to seeing how the tagua nut polishes up, I have some and have wondered....

Your use of Osage on King Tut is effective too, the way the stripes help suggest fabric. How was it to carve? I only know it as a decent wood for longbows. I used to shoot one made of the stuff :D


best regards, Ford

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