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Cheese Please!

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I carved butter once long ago when I worked at a resort (times were tough!). They would not pay me my carving wage but knowing I carved never the less insisted I do a center piece for a buffet. Butter is wonderful to carve if kept real cold but They did not approve of my efforts and I was shall we say censored.

Not much call for a 5 pound sculpture of a screaming head on a platter! But oh the joy when they opened the frig!

Some good did come from it as I met my wife there and she did approve of my sarcasm.



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Princess Kay of the Milky Way, the young woman chosen to represent the Midwest Dairy Association, has her head carved from a very cold and large hunk of butter. She and the sculptor sit in the glass sided cooler at the Minnesota State Fair each year. Always big news on the TV news channels!


"Dairy Producers are proud of the long and successful heritage of the princess Kay of the Milky Way program in Minnesota."



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