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Possible commission for someone


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I don't want to make a habit of posting potential commissions on the forum. I offered to ask some carvers. I'll paraphrase the request:


A pair of pieces, Louisiana Bull Frog, one 12 inches the other 24 inches, each either on or not on a lily pad. The wood might be supplied by the client, who lives on an island in the Caribbean. Pieces are for a person living in Louisiana, for dining table, or nestled amongst indoor or patio plants. --- "I design furniture and have pieces made from our exotic woods, my company name is _ _ _ _ _ _ , to date I have pieces in mahogany, white cedar, laurier mabre, laurier cannelle (rare and hard to find though) balata (very hard and rare to find also) and blue mahoe."


Please PM or email me if you have a desire to contact the person.



I just heard from the person, who wondered if anyone actually from Louisiana might be interested in doing the carvings...

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