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Carved Pipe

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Thank you Mike for sharing these photos with us. The photos are way too large for comfort for us members with the slow land line modems. It took about 8 minutes for the three images to load at the modem speed allotted to me tonight.


There are various suggestions for software, and technique for preparing images to fit within the guidelines set forth by the forum administrators. (guidelines set for the comfort of the members, and for the memory storage)


Image pixel size around 640 x 480, and file size around 50 kb, 72 dpi. It is doable. One trick is to crop the excess background away, and the other techniques for resizing and preparing for web viewing are pinned at the top of the Photography forum area. If you have need of help, ask me, or other TCP members. We have all had to learn to do this. I will edit your images this time, but give it a try for the rest of your contributions. And, this is a hint to the other large file size posting members also!


Kindest regards from one member with a sluggish land line modem. I get 26,400 pbs on good connections, but that is affected by traffic...

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Guest ford hallam

Hi Mike,


sorry, I did'nt see your pipe earlier. Nice use of materials and soft finish.


I just had a peek at your "myspace", excellent! don't forget to invite me to your next party, I reckon your crowd looks like they're a great bunch of people.


Namaste, Ford

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