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Hello Everybody

Dustin Clayton

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Hi there everybody,

first off let me just say that I'm amazed by the level of talent displayed on this forum.I'm a metal worker living in Omaha Ne. For the last ten years I have been a professional bench jeweler and Ive fooled around with engraving, Jade carving, wax carving, wood carving, knife making and all sorts of other things since I was very young. I've decided that its time to buckle down, concentrate and really try to turn out some artistically valid work. Hopefully within a short amount of time I'll have one or two decent pieces to share with you-all. My main focus is metal work and I'm very inspired by the work of Mr. Hallam, Mr. kelso, and many of the other craftspeople who frequent the metal work area. Sculpting directly in the metal is a great passion of mine as I prefer a mudium that is some what resistant to being altered and as I say hopefully soon I will have something that I consider worthy of sharing.

Anyway I'll stop blabering away now. Just thought I should stop lurking and join the conversation :blush:



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Guest ford hallam

Hello there Dustin,


welcome to the party <_< , I hope you'll feel right at home here. I'm sure our growing band of metal worshipers will continue to be an inspiration and support. Thanks for the kind comments too.

I think that by interacting as we do here we are pushed to do more and better work, sometimes we tend to be a bit reclusive, but frankly, I feel that "putting it out there", so to speak, is often a very healthy way of giving ourselves, an often much needed, kick up the ........ :blush: .


Namaste, Ford

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I agree with Ford. One can sit around all day and pat oneself on the back, but until you run with the pack, so to speak, you realize that you have to keep up with the big dogs. And, I might add, there are some mighty big dogs on this forum to keep up with. Sometimes I feel like that little dog on the old Warner Brothers cartoon who jumps around Spike the big cool bulldog. But These fellow members inspire me every day with amazing things, and keep me from getting complacent.


Anyway, this was my very long-winded way of saying: "WELCOME ABOARD!"

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