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Corradi files

Mark Strom

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I am hunting for a supplier of Corradi double ended fine riffler files. The original supplier no longer carries them (bought them over 15 years ago) and I am unable to find the fine cut.

I can get some of them sharpened but some are beyond hope.


Can someone help me out? I need to replace several and no other riffler I have found compares.



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Guest ford hallam

Hi Mark,


this company in the UK supplies a small selection; they do seem to be a bit rough though :blush:

here's the link


The home page for Corradi, in Italy, seems to be experiencing technical difficulties but that might be an option if you can contact them directly. here's the link anyway. just remember to say "grazie" <_<


cheers, Ford


p.s. nice looking tools, I may avail myself of some :blink:

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The list of files on the Corradi site is interesting!

Ski files

Farmer files

Packet files

Key files

Contact point files

Mill saw files

Saw files

Round chain saw files


Rasps for staircase makers'

Shoe rasps

Rasp for model makers

Farmer file-rasp

Horse file-rasp

File brush

Handles for files and rasps

Rotary files and rotary rasps

Rotary countersinks

Wood carving tools

Wood chisels

Carpenter gauges

Wood bits and extension

Magnetized sharpeners

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Hello all,


Even though I am about two years late, I 'm adding a "post script" to this thread.


Thanks to Ford, Ersatz, and Edward K for the interesting links. They are still active sites and I always enjoy looking at links provided by TCP members.


I have a set of Italian 7.5 inch rifflers that I purchased from Woodcraft about 3 or 4 decades ago ( that sounds better than 30 or 40 years). The file on the far left of the photo is one of my Italian set. Woodcraft still sells this set of rifflers. The curve of the file and the cross section of the working area make sculpting curved areas such as animal bodies easy. I have more control with a riffler for large areas than with a flexible shaft tool. So, I'm less likely to gouge or dig a piece when working with a riffler. Like the flexible shaft tool, rifflers can get into small spaces. The disadvantage is that the process is slower than removal of material with a chisel or flexible shaft tool and often the piece requires extra sanding.


I also have a set of Chinese 8 inch rifflers. The file to the right of the Italian riffler is one of my Chinese set. These are courser and thus a little harder to use. However, they sell for about one fifth the price of the Italian set.


The file to the right of the Chinese file is a "Four in Hand" (4 different working surfaces on one file) that is useful for pieces about 4 inches or larger. It can be purchased at any hardware store. The file on the left is a sculptors rasp that is available at Woodcraft. It is also useful for larger work.


I hope that any carver thinking about buying rifflers will spend some time checking out the links in this thread.


Have fun carving


E George


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Just to keep this bumping along :unsure:

I saw some Corradi files for sale at Axminster (online UK based tool shop) and also Auriou are back in business (http://www.forge-de-saint-juery.com/). OK they are 'fairly' expensive and I have yet to buy any rifflers from them but I have bought some cabinet and model making rasps (12" and 7") and can attest to their very very good quality. They leave a very good finish behind indeed and I am guessing that the rifflers would too.

I believe that this is due to the fact that they are hand cut so the random nature avoids the tracks you get with machine made ones.


These might interest some : http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tools/Files/Dr...-cut_Rasps.html


Anyway, been a while, been busy with various things but hoping to read a bit more on here now and maybe even make something !


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