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Pill Box

Hans Meevis

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Hi all,

I just finished a commission for a pill box made out of 18ct gold.

Size is 55mmx45mm 10mm. Weight was 114 grams of gold.

1.5 carats of diamond and 1.30ct of emeralds. About 30 hours of work.

I carved the original seahorse and then injected a wax model which I filed down to a cameo for the top After casting the wax I re engraved it and set a ruby in the eye.

This was one of those jobs where nothing went wrong.<G> I had the seahorse, had the gold, nothing collapsed while soldering, nothing flew off the polishing machine and at the end, she loved it! :blink:

Doesn't get better than that! Oh yes, and I got paid...

Cheers, Hans Meevis


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Is the textured area made of rosè-gold or is the color difference caused from the reflection?

Karl wondering :blink:


Hi Karl,

The entire thing is made out of rose gold and white gold. As far as the different colours are concerned, rose gold has a high concentration of copper. So if one heats it to anealing temperatures,i.e. until it goes black, and then quench into sulphuric acid, the copper is eaten/etched out, leaving a layer of fine gold on the surface. I do this a couple of times to bring the yelow up strongly. It will take a soft rouge to bring it up to shine. Not good for high wear areas because of the softness of fine gold and the thinness of the layer, but nice to show a contrast on occasion.

Cheers Hans

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Hello Hans,


This really is beautiful workmanship as well as design - so nice to see your strengths in this piece. Is the lid sliding on a rolled edge of the box top or does it have a wall all the way down - I can't quite tell from the photo. Also - very nice inner compartments and finish work. Thank you for showing this one!!



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