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Southwest metalsmith

Fred E. Zweig

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Hello all!


I am a self taught metalsmith from the hippie era of the early 70's. My strengths are cold forging non ferrous metals, repousse, chasing and patinas. I have a growing knowledge of the metalsmiths who preceeded me and owe them a great debt for maintaining the craft. I moderate a few other online forums and have a quenchless passion for the work of Japanese metal craftsmen. I hope I can leave something of what I know to balance what I take with me from this forum.



I'm the one getting inspiration from above!




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Hi Fred,

Welcome aboard. There is no finer group of people than the folks here, and everyone is willing to share knowlege and inspire with photos of truly wonderful work. Please post often. The first thing I like to do each day is get my coffee, sit in front of my computer and come to the Carving Path and see the latest posts while the caffine kicks in.

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