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Ko Baas

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After a long time only lurking I thought it was time post a carving of mine on the forum. To get the balans wood/metal more even.


I started a boxwood carving of a coiled dragon. As a netsuke. I use pictures of old netsuke as examples.

It is 5.5 cm long. This is the first stage of rough carving. There is still much work to be done.





Ko Baas

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He Ko!!!!!!!!!

Mooi werk weer hoor! Vind je draken altijd heel gaaf eruit zien en zoals je waarschijnlijk al gezien hebt blijf je me inspireren (kirin die ik hier geplaatst heb)


Looking forward to see this piece of art evolving in another magical piece.

I dyed my Kirin the way you discribed me but unfortunatly it cracked (just a little bid)

It's not so bad, because now it looks older... is quite nice.....


But if I dye with that dylon do I have to do the chemical part first?

Making a sumo now and I want to keep it very light so....


And if I don't want to dye my piece what can I do to keep the color? Can I just wax it or polish it....?

Any idears?

Well anyway Love your work

And good luck to you!

Cheers B_art


Owww en gister was ik nog bij een bonsai-tentoonstelling en mensen vroegen me al of ik ze ook verkocht! Da's een mooi compliment he! Doe ik niet hoor want vind ze nog lang niet goed genoeg.

Heb ze wel gezegd dat ze maar is op netsuke.nl moesten kijken dus wie weet heb je wel wat klanten straks!!!


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Thank you Bart,


I'm going to dye this dragon as I told you. First Nitric Acid and then the hot Dylon dye. Not the other way around.

To prevent cracks you must keep the workpiece cool. Rinse it with cold water after 10 second it the hot dye. Repeat that until the color is OK.

When you want a light coloring, skip the Nitric Acid part and just use a (diluted) Dylon dye.

On oncoloured pieces you could use wax or oil.



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Hi Ko,

What a progress....

It looks really good, Looking forward to see the eyes in it.

Did you already choose what kind of material it's gonna be?

Knowing you a bid I believe you even already made them right? :)



I remember you made a boar, which you showed me when I visited you.

Any chance you still got that piece? Would like to see some pics of it....

Cheers, B_art79

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Here are the pics of the finished netsuke. The colour will change a little after a week of handling the netsuke. It becomes less bright, and after a few weeks of frequent handling and rubbing with my fingers it get a nice polish and patina. I always carry my latest carving in my pocket and handle it a lot.







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Hi ko,


Looking very good! Perfect eyes as well!

I wonder which number you use for dylon...

And when you polish and cary your work around, do you use rottenstone powder all the time?

Thanx for the pics of the boar as well! I would like to make my own variation out of it, if you don't mind that I use yours as an example...

Cheers, B_art

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Some anwsers to the previous posts.


Bart, I use Dylon black, coffee and red. I mix them and dilute them. And I colour it 2 or 3 times with different colours to get the result I like.

Ofcourse you can use the boar pictures. I also got my example from a book. The Japanese carvers very frequently used each others designs, they considered it to pay respect to a carver by copying him.


About the "antique" look; I do consciously strive for this. The rottenstone powder does help a lot. After polishing there is always a residue in the corners. The Japanese used this same technique, with dust or ashes.


I will post another picture after a few weeks to show the definitive colour.


Thank you all for your reactions,



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