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Ginkgo leaves

Fred E. Zweig

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It is always tricky to look at the backside since the eye will tend to reverse the image so that it looks as if the leaves are protuding from the surface instead of receeding. These leaves are raised from the sheet. This is typical repousse with simple line chasing to give the face of the leaves texture. When repousse is properly done there is actually little thining to the metal. When I first began this technique, I was making faces in sterling silver. I made the mistake of pushing out the nose first and I would often punch through because the metal had thinned too much. I now raise a mass of metal to the appoximate height of my highest point and then push back the background. That way the metal remains fairly thick. I am teaching a workshop next year on "Making Faces" and I will be making step by step process samples. I will spend some time next month and develope those samples and post them if you want. This month I am preparing for a workshop that I am scheduled to teach on the making of pins.



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