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Hello my friends,

well finished this one a while ago and thought hmmm why not place it on tcp!

Have to say thanx to Ko again for his example


got another question for the woodcarvers here...

I'm working on a new project now but well, got a problem...

Sometimes you got these far away corners, you just can't reach but you just want to have these smooth

Soooo I need some advise and idears for these problem spots

Maybey some examples of the tools etc. you all use?


Well anyway, enjoy the pics and thanx!

Cheers b_art79



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I know what you mean about those corners, or places that are in-around-behind and just out of reach of any bent or angled tool available in my collection! Drives me nuts sometimes. When I hear and realize that my tools are being picked up and replaced in rapid succession, I know that little spot has defeated me... Then, I stop to consider which tools may get to that sort of spot and be of use and try to find one in the less used groupings of tools.


If you have access to oral surgery tools, that might be a start. They look dangerous, and weird, but sometimes a particular configuration may just reach and apply enough cutting power in the direction you need to do the removal of that bit of material. That is more about discovery and trial and error.


The concepts involved are not about straight tools, but of bent, angled and reversed configurations (as some dental tools are on the same shaft) with cutting edges of various sorts and in various places.


Folks familiar with using tool steel might lend a hand with imagining if one can heat and bend tool material, render the cutting end useful and the bent parts strong.


This could be an interesting topic when others of you contribute to this question.



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Guest ford hallam

Hi Bart,


that's a pretty convincing looking netsuke there. I won't attempt to offer any advice regarding the carving query you have as I'm a metal bloke but I just wanted to say "well done", ;) , I look forward to watching your work progress.


regards, Ford

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