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Hi from U.S.

Brian Chan

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Hi Carvers,


I'm Brian Chan,

Massachusetts, U.S.A.


I just found this forum last night, and stayed up til 4pm reading Ford Hallam's posts on the various inlays and patination techniques (Basically answered about four of my years-old questions about Japanese metalworking). I wish I'd found this forum way earlier, but I'm glad that I did at all! I am a partial grad student about to finish up, but also a late-amateur sword and fittings maker, looking to specialize in Japanese and Chinese-style fittings.


I've attached pictures of some of my best pieces I've made over the years:


1) cricket menuki for katana. pure silver, repousse, carved.

2) salamander tsuba, wakizashi style. copper salamander on steel ground, in takabori zogan. silver inlaid eyes (not visible)

3) wakizashi, with small dragon horimono.






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Guest ford hallam

Hello Brian,


and welcome aboard, you're in the right place now! we seem to be attracting quite a few like-minded metal lovers from all over.


I'm very pleased my posts were of interest and use to you, makes it all worth the effort ;) and I'm pretty impressed with the work you posted, I had a peek at some of your other stuff on flicker too. You seem to have achieved some impressive results on your own. I hope we can spur you on some more. Certainly you will find this fraternity very supportive and appreciative of all your efforts.


You mentioned that you were finishing up a graduate course, may I ask in what area of study?


very best regards, Ford

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Hello Brian,


Welcome, and thank you for posting the photos of your work, and for introducing yourself. It is so pleasing to know that The Carving Path has already been helpful to you!


Would you be willing to post the url for the origami interest you have? I am amazed by it!



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Hi All,

Thanks for the kind welcome. I'm studying mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics at MIT. (Advisor is Anette Hosoi, don't know if you've heard of her) My unofficial art teachers, however, are: Yeung Chan (woodworker, my dad) JD Smith, a bladesmith in Massachusetts, Toby Bashaw and Fred Cote, forge and machine shop instructors at MIT. I also learned a lot of Chinese painting under Qingxiong Ma, which inspires some of my designs.


One of my other hobbies is origami:




different methods, but same philosophy!



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