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Another Dutchmen


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After a long time in doubt and a little shy amongst such great artists i will introduce myself, at last.

I am a graphic- and exhibition-designer in Holland, almost 50 years old.

All the information and particularly the amazing amount of enthousiasm on TCP lead to my first netsuke.

Thanks to all of you who shared your knowledge.

I will include a few pictures. It's a drinking snake made out of boxwood with amber inlays. The box is Brazilian Tulipwood with silver details.

I want to learn from you all so don't hesitate to be critical!










Greetings, Leon.

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Guest ford hallam

Hello Leon, and welcome!


Good to have tempted you to join us, the more the merrier! :D I'm sure the woodies ( as we call them ;) ) will be glad of your support, they've been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the metal bashers lately :)


Your drinking snake is perfectly lovely, is it drinking sake? excellent little chap. If this is your first netsuke I really look forward to seeing what come next. The box is an great addition too.


Namaste, Ford

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Hello Leon,


A very warm welcome to you!

Finally another dutch miniature carver!!!!!

Now I know 3 people carving netsuke in Holland....



I really love your snake the shape looks really plesant, own design?

I was wondering if your snake has a himotoshi???

Can't find it....


I would like to know where you live in Holland and where you get your Boxwood

I only know this woodshop in Arnhem....


Hope to hear and see you more on the TCP and if you got any other carvings of your hand, I would like to see...

Cheers, B_art 79

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Hi Bart,


Thanks for the welcome.

Being a designer (although graphic~), yes it's my own design. (It's in the blood)

The curves of the snake form a natural himotoshi. Best seen in the third picture.

And yes I'm a customer in Arnhem, for me it's almost around the corner! Go there on my bicycle!!

They have these nice samples of various woodtypes, perfect for making small boxes.



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