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Well the white stuff is Ivory and this figure is about 5cm tall.

I didn't want to make it to much like a cartoon figure, but it's kind of hard to make

a realistic figure. Need to practice a lot I think!

The apron is painted with acrylic and than sanded a bit...

Thing is that I just don't have the skills jet to paint it in a proper way.

I would love to learn how (for example cornel sneider) to do this.

How to do a nice sensitieve coloured glow....

Could be another topic like Janel did with amber, samething like

"let's discuss colouring here........"


Cheers, B_art79

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Let's discuss colouring here. Good idea, Bart.


I remind members to use the SEARCH function, using a variety of keywords. Or, read through the topic titles, back into the past years. This forum has a great wealth of information to turn to, if you use it as a library. It takes a little creative effort, but might be rewarding.


Yes, starting another topic would be a good idea as well. One can add references to earlier articles, and make the topic even more potent. Use this link to go to the new topic.


Also, go the Getting Started and Resources forum area: Finishes and Coloring Tutorials and Techniques, How to color and finish wood, antler, ivory and tagua.

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Hi Bart,


sorry my reply on your carving might be a little late.


I hope that you are not offended by my post but I feel you may benefit from it.

You made every effort to depict a sumo wrestler in wood and you carved very detailed. Next time it might be a good idea to make some drawing or a little sketch in clay or plaster.


For me sumo wrestlers an embodiment of stability like a human rock. It is possible to express this by means of composition. I made a rough sketch to make my point a bit clearer.




on the left side there are two main principles of composition. A triangle standing on its base is always stable. A triangle balancing on one edge is labile.


Try to make studies of human heads. A head is composed out of flats and the eyes are in the middle of the skull.


The reverse of a sculpture responds always to its front. A body is something round. Try to build a sculpture out of volumes. A face painted on an egg doesnt become a head.


Even when you try to make something in an Ittobori- style you should bear these points in mind.


Enku Itto-Bori


You might visit an evening class for drawing or sculpture to make further progress in your work.

I hope my past is of some value for you and does not depress you that much. :)


best regards



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Guest ford hallam

Hi Karl,


I can't reply for Bart but I think your diagrams and very accurate observations are excellent reminders for us all. Thank you :D Your little sketches also remind me of those done by Da Vinci :) , have you cracked the code too?


With regard to your explanation of the stability of the figure, I'd like to add that for Sumotori the cultivation of the belly, as the seat of power is of vital importance. For the Japanese conoisseur of Sumo, this classic pyramid physique, such as you've suggested, is the ultimate expression of power. In fact in all classical martial arts power is considered to originate in the belly, or more accurately, the hara. This is a point 1 inch below the navel and about 3 inches in. Japanese meditative breathing practice centres on this point too. This point is also know as the "tan-tien" in Chinese. I've added a drawing from "Secrets of the Samurai"; by Ratti and Westbrook, which well illustrates the different Eastern and Western conceptions of the expression of male physical power. see below.



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Thanx for the support. I would like to do more studie of human anatomy...

I found it really hard to carve human beings and believe this is an art on it's self. Would like to point out the work of natasha which is really good in carving human beings. You can find her on the TCP as well....

I bought some books of Ian Norbury which are a great help as well. Once I carved a torso of a female with the help of on of his books and it turned out quit alright. Here is a link to this piece http://www.ringo.com/explore/member/search...?q=bart+janszen


There is a nice movie especially for Karl as well...

Hope you like it....


Cheers, B_art79

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