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One in Metal, One in Wood - a foot in both worlds


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Finally finishing up some work for our annual island-wide studio tour the last weekend of September. The first is a small carved paper wasp pendant, in shibuichi (with a fine silver back), about 1 1/2 inches tall (38mm).




The second is an art basket I collaborated on with my wife (she does the wood turning and weaving - I carve the easy parts). It's about 12 inches tall. The parts are turned from black walnut and cherry, the fish is boxwood (head), holly (bones), forged copper back, fossil ivory and ebony eyes.




More to come as I finish them up - it's panic time...

Thanks for looking!

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Thanks for the kind words, Fred! And, no, the basket isn't a commission, it's just one we've done for the studio tour. I tend to shy away from commissions - they always seem to be something I'm not particularly interested in making at the time. Also, it just seems too hard to communicate reliably a set of wishes into an execution, and meet the client's expectations. Too much like being expected to read someone's mind - something I don't ever seem to do well...

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Hi tom,

It's a nice job you two made there.

I remember reading in another topic or on your website that you work together with your wife on a piece...

I think that must be really great!!!! Sharing a hobby together. So I was wondering if you make a design together before you start or...

And did you just start making designs in iron? Like the wasp??? Or am I condusing you with someone else...

Anyway, great work!!!

Cheers B_art79

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Hi B_art79,


Thanks for the kind words. My wife and I have had a lot of fun working together. Usually, we discuss the subject of an art basket before starting, but sometimes I make a lid first, based on a whim, then we (or she!) decide later what kind of basket would work best. Of course, sometimes I make a lid based on her whim - SHE, who must be obeyed!


And, yes, I'm just starting to work in various metals - that's a new and fresh challenge, very rewarding, but with a difficult and steep learning curve! Can't just grab a knife and take a nice big slice of metal off - it's more like having to sneak up on it...

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