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Teak handle bowie

Greg Obach

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Hi all


did a little work on a knife... I posted it on primal awhile back....

hope its ok if i just link it... .. lately me and the puter are not seeing eye to eye... :ph34r:



Greg ;)


Really nice. I'm partial to bowies. And I like skinners.. and hunting knives...almost anything that has a sharp edge is GOOD!

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thanks for the comments :ph34r:;)


i've loved bowie knives for as long as i can remember... . theres just something fun and cool about them.... I was never allow to get one when i was growing up... besides they cost too much, and a poor boy like me could never afford the luxury....

--so i just had to make one if i wanted to have one...

( guess i'll never grow up :P



I agree... if its sharp and carbon steel... i like it...





take care


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