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My new works - Masks


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Dear Vjacheslav,


Thanks for showing your carvings. I really liked the African masks, as you know I play drums and some rhythms come directly from the Congo nation and Yoruba nation as well. Looking in your website I found a photo of your tools and the gravers are like mine, maybe when I "grow up" I´ll become a carver like you! ;)


Thanks again.





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Hi Slava,


I'm glad you like my website - I'm just getting it put together (a lot of learning and time). Thank you for your compliments - I am no where near to being a master - the more I learn, the more I see I am just beginning. But that is the joy of the journey.

Again - I really love your masks! Here's one link to some masks freomNative American Masks the Pacific Northwest.

Phil White probably knows some very good references as he is quite familiar with the Haida art.

Happy carving,


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I appreciate your contributions regarding early North American cultural carving work and symbolism, for us all to learn from. The work of members who study and reflect those influences is an additional compliment to those whose influences are derived from Japanese historic works, New Zealand Maori, and all of the other influences our members have been motivated by as it is shown through interpretation in the work they do.




This world wide forum is such a great invention!

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