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Seahorse Knife


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A tiny little seahorse knife, carved in carbon steel, completely in the round. A lot of effort, I learned a lot, but lots of fun. I used forge/anvil/hammers, angle grinder, belt grinder, bandsaw, drill press, air engraver, abrasive pads and carbide burs. Damn near every tool in the studio, and all on a three inch (7.62 centimeter) knife. I still need more toys...and maybe some professional help...


Thanks for looking!



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...and maybe some professional help...


Naw, just a nice leather sheath with a clip, then in my hip pocket!


Tom, I think this is the best of the little knives you've made. I like all your critters, but this seahorse tops them all. It's shape makes a nice handle for a small personal sized knife, and the blade flows out of it nicely. It's a good size for a desk knife (as usual, your stand it nice). Bigger and it would be great in a belt sheath, either horizontal or a dangler, or in a pocket sheath with a clip. (There is a trend toward carrying fixed blade pocket knives.)


I can't imagine what other toys/tools you would need. You already have more than I! I do have a lathe and mill, but they wouldn't be needed for this type of knife.



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Thanks for the kind words, guys!


Dick, there are always more toys out there - he (or she) who dies with the coolest toys, wins! I've wanted to try one of those air turbines for a long time, but I'm not sure it's a great improvement over my NSK. I get the impression the turbine speed just makes the material vanish instantly, and I've come to like a little resistance in my carving style. I suspect it makes for smoother finishes since the tool isn't cutting so fast and you're not just relying on the steadiness of your hand for what remains of the surface. But - never having tried it, I can't be sure.


David, I neglected to mention I also used my little Sherline lathe to spin the copper stub for the inlaid eyes. Guess I need to up my dosage... ;)

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