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Incisive Images: Ivory and Boxwood Carvings 1450-1800 - has anyone gone to this?

Kitty Corcoran

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This exhibit is currently up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I don't live in the NYC area and haven't seen this. I wondered if anyone here had a chance to go and if so, what thoughts did you have? The website shows images of six of the objects in the exhibit and they are intriguing, especially the last one. It'll be up through November 25. Here's a link to the Met's page on it.





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I wish that I could be there to see it! When I look at the work of artists from earlier times, even centuries ago, different countries, different cultures and tools, I imagine that the artist is still speaking to us in some way.



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Hi there,


I suppose thats a really fine exhibition there. For those, like myself who are not able to make a visit I want to recommend two exellent books form recent german exhibitions.


Georg Petel


Conrat Meit


The second one is out of print. Just look around to find a used copy. Btw, both books are a good reason to learn German. ;)




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Thanks Kitty


That looks like a great exhibit. I heard that it was coming to the Met, but didn't realise it was upon us. Nothing like a few Gothic master carvers to show us how it could be done.




Thanks for the references, I will look them up. However, as for learning to speak German, I'm busy learning French right now, 8 hours a day, so I'm afraid I will have to wait.



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