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japanese puzzle box


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Hello all,

Since a while I got more and more interrested in japanese puzzle boxes. I really like the boxes a lot and would love to make some myself. I learned that there are different ones. The differents are in how to open them and how many sections they have.

So I googled the hell out of it but could not figure out how to make them...

Can anybody help me???


Thanx B_art79

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Aren't the sliding mechanisms just dovetail joints?... I've got a small one with 3 or 4 steps and I think that's how it is constructed. I'll have another look. As for the intricate surface details, they are very thin veneers composed of many small blocks of wood glued together. The veneering plane is a special kind that sits with the sole facing upwards. There's a whole lot of skill involved in the construction and cutting of the veneers. Once cut, they're glued and lacquered on the box surface. Somewhere on the web are several short movies depicting the stages. If you search for the terms 'Hakone-ware' or 'Hakone craft' you might have some luck.

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