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Robert Dunn

Robert Dunn

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Hi everyone,

Thanks, Janel for the little push to introduce myself. I have enjoyed reading your posts and have learned a lot from all of you.

I have been a hobbiest silversmith for about 30 years, and have been interested in inlay for the past several years. I have made a number of tools from O1 drill stock and have had moderate success at simple line and dot inlay. Last spring, I took a zogan course from Naohiro Yamada, a Japanese master, who was visiting and teaching in the US. I learned a lot about the fine points making of inlay tools. My first project is to re-create wedding rings for my wife and me, with a fairly simple inlay in them.

I started teaching basic skills to my grandchildren in my home studio this fall. It's remarkable what seven- and ten-year-old kids can do with a litttle coaching. They are incredibly adept with hand tools. I'll put pliers in their hands; they will fumble for a few minutes, and then they handle them as naturally as I do.

I'll try and post some pictures in the next few weeks.



Bob Dunn

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