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Mystery Wood


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I pulled a branch out of a brush pile a few years ago and have been unable to identify the type of wood/tree. There is a large variatuion in the thickness and color of the heartwood on these pieces it is brown & purple but. On the larger piece of the branch there was much more of the cream colored sapwood and just a little bit of lighter brown/tan heartwood. When i cut the pieces apart there was a distict smell some what like pickles. The bark is rather stringy/papery and and the outer layers peel easily.


A friend said it might be lilac but he wasn't real confident in that ID. From a read on wikipedia it sounds about right, just thought i'ld check here.








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It sure looks like lilac to me i just cut some down a couple of months ago it looked the same.

Here is a couple of photos of a big piece i just took and a photo of a pipehawk i made from a smaller piece.

It is beautifull wood when you start carving through the growth rings.







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