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Newbye from Italy

Amati Lorenzo

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Hi there! As many other italian people, i am not so able with english language.. so please, once more, forgive my english language :)


I am intrested in everything concerning japanese arts of manufacturing, and i would like to become shiroganeshi in the future. I studied a little in japan with two sensei, an urushi nurishi and a habakishi.


I saw a lot of usefull informations on this forum, and i would like to tankyou all... is so difficult to find informations on other language than japanese... impossible at all in italian language :)


Hope i will be able to add some content ASAP.

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Hi Lorenzo, be welcomed in the forum, I send you a salute from México. We speak similar languajes, and I speak a some italian, if it be of some help. I have some friends from there, specially one from Magenta, near Milan, a great erudite in nihonto swords.

Ciao, va bene.



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Welcome to the forum. I once spoke fluent Italian as a piccolo bambino de cinque anni. I have now forgotten most of it. Though I am fleunt in Spanish. I look forward to your participation on the forum.




ehehe i understand... different languages makes a lot of different and intresting cultures, but, the same time, makes difficult for each other to learn lot of new things that are not of our culture.

This is really a pity... because after all we are all same.. don't you think?

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Guest ford hallam

Welcome aboard, Lorenzo :lol:


Good to have you with us. I think you will find that this forum is the resource for fine Japanese metalwork on the internet. Some people think that the forum is for netsuke carvers also but they are a quiet :unsure: bunch, not like noisy metal bashers :blink:


I look forward to seeing your work and your input, particularly regarding urushi.


Ciao :rolleyes: ,



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