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Introduction - Sean S - sculptor


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Sculpy is a play dough like polymer substance that you shape and bake in your home oven at around 350 degrees F.

After it cools it becomes hard like resin and can be worked with power tools and painted. Although somewhat fragile, it is pretty durable and some things that I did about 15 years ago look as new as they did when I made them.

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Hi Sean,

Welcome to the forum,

The eye-monster has a real visceral quality to it.


I've recently been wanting to try polymer clay again, I used to play with it until I got busy with school, and thought it was too weak to make anything useful. Then a few weeks ago I saw the work of Kathleen Dustin; she told me how you can bake it right, and it ends up being very strong (she uses Premo) : to the point where you can make usable items like purses.


Looking forward to seeing more,

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Hey! There are people in here!


I've seen Kathleen's work before, she's awesome. I generally bake it longer and let it get that deep red look (with the buff super sculpey, firm grey doesn't go there in my experience)...


Thanks for the greets folks! Neat place, look forward to lurking...

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Welcome. Thanks for sharing the photo's. I have wanted to try some type of clay for a while. But I know nothing about any of it. Anyone have any idea's?



Don - I'm happy to answer any questions you've got, but here are some links to get you started:


sculpey tutorials from the manufacturer - good place to start


wikipedia entry for sculpey - has some good info


The Clubhouse is a sculptor & model maker's forum - great resource, a much higher tempo than some websites tho, so it's easy to miss some great stuff. They have some outstanding tutorials as well; I'm not 100% certain that these links will work tho - I can't remember if they allow anonymous browsing or if it's just posting that requires registration.


clubhouse's tutorial section


great tutorial on advanced baking techniques


please let me know if you need any other info.

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