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new from germany


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Hello artists!


Here is a brief description of myself:

I'm 38 years old german carpenter who carves since nearly 4 years now.

My 'wood' is the stone of the avocado. When it's peeled it becomes wooden.

Some become leather-like some others more like wet pressed paper that dried or some are nearly like glass.

I guess it belongs to how long I wait until I peel them, but it seems to be also inside of them before, like a character:-)

The wonderful thing is that it has no growing direction, it's a homogeneous, very fine structure.

My interests are many, but mostly I do animals, faces, celtic knotwork and symbols of all cultures.

Because of it's half-egg form, the stones are predestined to become pendants.

Mostly I do reliefs , but my personal masterpiece since now is a fully figured lizard you can see below.

But it's not half as detailed as netsuke pieces, a word I heard the first time yesterday.

Now I know what is possible, but I think I have to use more tools than just my skew chisel for that.


A big thanks goes to Tom Sterling whose great book I downloaded.

I enjoyed your philosophical 'rant', brother :-)


Now I go outside, finding a boxtree...can't believe that...devil's work that details!



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hi seansiem

I peel them and let them dry some days. If I have to cut away a lot I do this roughly when it's fresh.

Then you have to be careful not to cut too deep.

If they dry unpeeled they are getting black and very hard, but I never carved them like this.


merry chistmas to all!


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