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almost the end of the year


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Hi all,


outside the wheater is cold and the light is dim. Time for contemplation and for familiy things.


Nevertheless I found in the web something which may enlight the hearts with some humour. :rolleyes:


For the christmas eve:




Paul McCarthy: Santa Butt Plug, 2004.


and for the ivory carvers among us:


erotic netsuke



Happy Holidays to all of you!



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Guest ford hallam

Hi fellas,


sorry Karl, my innocent mind didn't "get it" when I first saw your Santa, :unsure: "get thee behind me Satan"...I mean Santa, ha ha :blink:


Excellent link too btw, it's interesting that we don't see much so this sort subject being explored in the contemporary field of netsuke. We seem to have more unhealthy taboos at the start of the 21st century, than so many cultures of the past. :rolleyes:


regards, Ford

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