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Russ... Part one


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Hi Dan and Russ,


Nice house photos Dan! We've got the snow today! Not so fun for driving though back from the family gathering in the cities.


Russ, if you are in the Add Reply window, you have few options for insertion in order. See below, see the More Options button, choose that. (Different options are presented if you have chosen the +Edit button below the post you have already posted and would like to change.)


Now, see the block of information below this text window? There is a way to select a file, and once you have found it and have uploaded one or more files, they will be found in the Manage Current Attachments area. If you don't select/place a photo with this tool, the images will simply load into the text area, without your control of where you would like to place them.


As Dan instructed, type your text, hit return one or more times for a framing space, go to the Manage Current Attachments and click the green + . This will place an image into this text area, where you want it.


Hit return again, add the next document....


Each placed document will be bracketed, that is with [ attachment=and: info.jpg ] Sort of like this but when written correctly it means something to the software.


If you want to eliminate the document, use the Manage Current Attachments and click the red x. You will also need to manually delete the [. . .] line in the text of your post.


When you are back on the main topic page, and want to +Edit your post, you have two choices, Full Edit or Quick Edit. Play around with these options to see what you can do.


I hope that this gets you on your way with posting images!


Are you still singing until the New Year celebrations are over?



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still on the journey




im gettig there...and i need a new keyboard...thats my excuse ...speling getting very strange....


Working right through the New Year Janel ....Just got one night off ,this sunday so it gives the voice a rest.....


Be gald when 1st Jan is here...


going to try thsese pics again and then take Molly exploring in the woods,,,no snow here though...still we'll have fun.....




think ive cracked it ..


Dan ,,,Janel

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