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Howdy Everyone


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.....Just got my membership confirmed; so I can post. I'm 50 years old; unable to work; and fervently hoping to get my disability payments started sometime THIS decade.


.....I Draw and Paint. I've wanted to try Welded Sculpture. I also design; and hope to custom produce my own Revlovers.


.....So I have a healthy respect for the Arts. I really groove on some of y'all's very gifted carvings. However, at the time; I drifted into your website- I was searching for supplies of exotic woods to carve into pistol stocks.


.....I mainly groove on fruitwood. Krenov's writings have convinced me that air dried woods are much to be preffered.


.....Looking for sources of air-dried Apple- my favorite!; Cherry; Pear; Plum; Mulberry; Curly and Bird's eye Maple; etc.


.....Anyone have any experience with Apricot?


.....I think some of the Red Oak might also make nice Revolver Grips.


.....Just learned about Ivory Wood.Like to find a source of him too.


.....Bone; Antler; Horn; Ivory; Fossils; Coral; Amber- these are all very nice too.


.....Mother of Pearl makes me truly happy.


.....RVM45 :unsure:

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