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Priced at $40.95, that is a fabulous price for The Art of Netsuke Carving! I think in some arenas the book price has multiplied from the original $125 price. Someone should grab this one if they have been waiting to find one. Sorry for the sales pitch, but even if it looks used, there is a great deal of good information to read in it.


Thanks for the tip, David.


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Happy New Year...dont no if I should be putting this info on the forum...Let me no Janel ..


Art of netsuke carving.. Masatoshi is currently on ebay, type in code ... 310011697913...


$24.99....weather you get it for that is another thing ..plus postage ...location in USA.....good luck...


I have a serious problem buying Netsuke related books..must get some help.....


A few years a go I had greast sucess buying on ebay but it now seems everyone is looking for themmm.....


Ive also used FETCHBOOK


As well searches on google throws up some bargins..byeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

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