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Pix of a fun project

Steve Wardle

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I've been a lurker for some time... But I got a fun commission this season and I thought I would show and tell about it. I am a Goldsmith with a Main Street Shop on Cape Cod, Ma. I have many wonderful customers, but their taste is usually fairly plain. I have a few that are adventurous. I have a couple that are really fun and can afford to indulge their whims. One of my favorites was in looking for a good idea. His wife is a fine artist, and historical basket maker. She had completed her finest work ever, a "Mattapoisett Basket" that she made in ten months full time work (pic 1). It is made of pine needles, raffia wood and ivory. She was thrilled to sell it this November for $19.5K. Her Husband was understandably proud. I suggested that we make a gold model of her finest work for him to give, so that she might celebrate her finest work. With a wide grin, he said "What an idea. Do it!". I said "It is going to be expensive" He said "You know I don't care what it costs."


He is my kind of customer. So here is the result, about 1.25 inch wide, in green, yellow and white gold, ....carved, cast, inlayed, engraved and chased. All of the parts work. The hinges are oversized to work for the long haul in metal. The recipient was tearful and very happy. My customer should remain out of the dog house for most of the next year. Happy New Year everybody!









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Well, as requested, here are a couple more images. The first is a big project from two years ago. This fully flexible carved floral bracelet is 18k, diamonds and pink sapphires. Believe it or not, there are 140 separate pieces assembled to make it, counting every stone and hinge link. This took about fifteen days to make, start to finish.



Next, here is a mermaid carved in wax and cast in gold. She is leaning on a fish. I was never satisfied with this one, but have revised it since.



Thanks to all of you for a great site. Keep on making chips and dust.... and wonderful objects! Steve

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