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Jacques Vesery

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Bonjour mes amis

Sorry to have been so absent from the forum for soooooo long. Busy, busy.... Can not keep up. In fact I just put two exhibit commitments on my calendar for

Feburary..... of 2010! Ugh! I did take some time at the end of the year to build a website finally. I never thought I would, since my Galleries do such a good job

in representing the work... but.... A publisher that is doing a book call "New Masters in Woodturning has included my in the book [due out this spring?] insisted

in listing a website, so bit the bullet and did it kicking screaming the whole way :D


Please take look when you have a chance... any input for improvements will be greatly appreciated... note the music on the slide may not work for everyone.

I am working out a few bugs still.


There are some newer pieces here and there on the site.... enjoy Jacques


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Guest ford hallam

Hi Jacques,


that's a really pleasant site to browse through. I really appreciated your Spirit stones and I think the "palettes and things" idea is brilliant. It really helps provide a bit of context for the finished sculpture.


Congratulations :D



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The organic quality of your work makes it very pleasing to my eye. Interesting how you seem to have come from a technical engineering(?) background and embraced the arts so successfully. Perhaps some insight into your marketing strategies would be welcomed in the forum:

Doing Business -

Design/Bid Charges.


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Thanks Tom, Ford and Mike for your kind words....did anyone have any trouble or see any funky type, etc. ???


first, the leather texture came about from the idea of the glove in the collab. top with bonnie klien...I like it too, although some of my peers think it is just a way for my

to speed up the process. Yes the smooth areas go a bit faster than feathers, but the sticthing can take twice as long... as many of you know already, it not about time, it's

about outcome.


second, the palettes have been a nice addition to what I exhibit. The show I had in Florida last Feb. had three framed palettes along with the pieces, which worked out well.

One sold with the matching piece and one separate... an oil painter who shows in the same gallery said " oh I didn't know you abstract watercolors as well?" She and her husband bought the set......


third, technical engineering? Interesting Mike... I am curious what makes you think that? The closest I come is being a submarine in navy... oh, and I was the first Zamboni

driver in Hawaii [really] but that is about it. As for Marketing, we all know that is a tough one. I have been very lucky... good karma I guess. Things always seem to fall in place,

and I can't seem to keep up. I will try to chime in on the bid charge discussion as you suggest ASAP.

Thanks again


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Great work and very interesting to see you studio - looks like it's in the woods so guess it is peaceful too. Nice to have some space ! I am trying to make a space at the moment but it is working out about 2.5m x 3m (about 7m square). I remember your work from last year and will have a better look at your site now.



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