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Vladimir Burkovski


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Though it worth introducing a young knife artists from Israel, Vladimir Burkovski, because of his

wonderful carved knife handles.

Born in 1970 in Nikolaev, Ukraine, Vladimir now resides in Haifa (Israel). With an artistic education

aquired at the Odessa Theatrical & Artistic Technical School, he began making knives and other arms

in 1990 for a film studio in Odessa. Captured by their beauty, he now creates his own art knives from

beginning to end, beginning with detailed sketches that he draws again and again till fully satisfied.

For his handles he uses natural materials, preferring to carve his intricate three dimensional scenes

on walrus ivory, fossilized mammoth ivory or pre-1966 Sperm Whale teeth from the Ukraine.


On the knife shown here, the handle is carved walrus tooth with Mother of Pearl inlays. The blade

is Damascus steel by Anders Fallas and the silver guard was casted in the lost wax process. Overall

length 8 1/8" (206 mm).


David Darom (ddd)




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Wonderful image! Wonderful work!! I am very partial to frogs, they are often subjects in my carvings. I am using walrus tooth for the first time, normally very hard woods are my material of choice. The tooth is lovely to be carving.


Is there a chance that Vladimir Burkovski might be able to join the forum? I would like to ask him questions about the material he used for the eye inlay. Are there any images of his other carvings available to see on the internet? It is very exciting to see his work.



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Shalom Janel,

Vladimir is a good friend and is also the only Israeli knife artist to appear

in my new book "Art and design in Modern Custom FIXED-BLADE Knives"

that was published two weeks ago.

His website is http://www.knifearts.com but you will have to forgive his

English as he is much better in Russian or Hebrew. I'm sure he would love

it if you contacted him personally.


David Darom (ddd)

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