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Web Jelly 2

Rik Palm

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Well, these are not very exciting but I hope their interesting (please let me know)


I didn't get all the shots I wanted or needed but here's three more pics in the sequence (I'll do better next time)


I took the jelly roll billet and welded/ folded it 3 times, squared it up and drew it out. I then twisted it and then welded it up again. I drew it out again and ground off the scale and did a quick etch to see the pattern. I know this pattern is not very exciting but this is only a look at the outside (like the skin of an onion) the real pattern is inside and when its cut it will show. But I wanted to see it anyway.


I also (no pics) hammered out a knife from part of the billet too. I'm curious to see its pattern. The only problem might be, is I think I hammered it to close to shape. Not allowing me to cut into it enough and expose the pattern but we will see, I hope I luck out.


anyway, thanx for looking


I only twist about 3-4 inches at a time, also I'm using a adjustable wrench that I welded a piece of bar stock on to help keep the twisting even.




I'm heating it up to flux and weld



Finished twisted billet ready for welding

fluxing twist



I just ground off the scale and did a quick etch.

quick etch



Nothing too exciting just some progess



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Thanks Rik for the continuing illustrations for the process of creating this wonderful steel for use with your blades and other things. I can imagine that until you cut into the surface, you are in suspense, much like a potter waiting for the kiln to cool enough to see the true colors and textures of the new pots within.


Thanks again,



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