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Hello from Michigan

Terry Trier

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Hi Folks,

Stumbled across this forum and thought I'd stop in. After registering and looking around, I discovered the work here is about 4 orders of magnitude beyond what I do. :blink: I'm just a hobbyist whittler and I carve for relaxation. Probably won't be posting much of my work but I look forward to seeing what others have done. Some really stunning work here.


Here is my last carving.



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Hi Terry,


Welcome! I like your spoon - my favorite ladles, spoons and spatulas are handcarved by local artists here in the Pacific Northwest - using them in my day to day life along with the handthrown bowls and such increases my joy - there is something one gets from the feel of a handmade item that is not there in a machine made item. Besides, your spoon handle suggests ideas for me to use in forging a new handle for one of our frying pans.

Keep posting - we'd love to see more.

Best regards,


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