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A Tribute Coin Carving


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My Hobo Got an OSCAR! This is my latest Hobo carving. It's been on my list, in my head and on paper for over a year now. Thought maybe I should 'GIT ER DID' since there is allot of Oscar buzz now.

This is for all the movies that have been made over the years that had Trains and Hobos in it. Some which have won Oscars or have been nominated, at least.

Danger Lights

California Straight Ahead

Riding The Rails

Gold Rush

Emperor of The North

The American Hobo

Polar Express

The Block Signal

...and many others

Sittin', waitn' for a train to hop, Flippin' a Nickel with his new Oscar. The film strip has a train scene w/mountains, trees, rocks and of course THE END at the end. Oscar is inlaid in 24kt gold. After I finished I realized that I should have put a handle on his cup- lets just imagine it is on the backside!

Comments and I guess criticism also, are welcome!

Please enjoy

Thanks, JIM

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