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Newbie from Florida

Brent Duty

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I am a newbie at carving ( I use Beef bone ) I think I'm obsessed with it and I am humbled by the artists on this forum. Some of the people on here blow me away and give me a goal to achieving their perfection. Even mediums I don't use inspire me. I'm going to post some photos that I'm sure I will be embarrassed of in 6 months. I'm the type of guy who tries it my way then buys the book, I just bought the book recently (Myhre's) It has info I just couldn't find anywhere I looked. I use a rotary tool and files mostly, but I'm in the process of making my own gravers. I've taken the red pill and jumped into the rabbit hole and was glad to see I'm not alone, thanks for having me.

Hei Matau


Shark Tooth


~Brent Duty

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Pretty cool. Where you you get the bone and is it already for carving?


I get it at the local grocery store, stick it in water and simmer it for about 3 hours in just water. I take the marrow out give it to my dog and stick it back in clean water sometimes i use dishsoap, oxyclean to whiten it up a bit. I usually stick it in peroxide for a few days then let it dry outside ( out of the reach of my dog ). :D

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